compatibility chart for personality types
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humans and their relations are the last secret of this world ...

lets decode this last secret!

in our view, psychology and sociology must be seen as one science.
both psychology and sociology are only two sides of one coin.
this one science is the science of mental chemistry, in short: alchemy


our main hypothesis is our compatibility chart:

the compatibility chart works in two ways:

  1. i know who i am, but who are my friends?
  2. i know my friends, but who am i?

the validity of the compatibility chart can be verified
in a scientific experiment (experimental psychology).


  1. measuring of personality type (four basetypes)
  2. measuring of "relationship quality" (sympathy, understanding, interpersonal compatibility)
  3. invasive experiment. invading into "private" matters, "unethical", therapy by force?
  4. city environment is inherently toxic, reinforcing bad habits. ecovillages can provide a better setting,
    but usually, personality types are not balanced (the usual "mental incest" and "confirm bias".
    "balanced types" is a hard requirement for this experiment.)
  5. our time is running out. world war 3 is only weeks away. (now you can call me a pessimist.)


this repository is organized as a monorepo of multiple packages

a monorepo is easier to backup, and usually our readers need all packages


we try to release all our content as single file apps which can be simply opened in any web browser,
without installing node.js and without starting a local web server

we can open markdown files offline with (for example) the Markdown Preview Plus chrome extension
(in chrome://extensions enable Allow access to file URLs)

recent publications

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more content

this project is still a work-in-progress. ideally, all the text-files and images would be merged into the alchi-book:

a note to myself and other contributors:

when moving files, make sure that the old URLs are still reachable

ideally replace the old file with a relative link to the new location, like

moved to <a href="path/to/new/file.html">path/to/new/file.html</a>


all files and versions can be downloaded with the linux command

git clone

the program git is also available for Windows, Android, Apple, etc.

this also works with our repo mirrors

future work

work in progress

finishing my project is my "running away balloon":

<img width="250" src="src/images/meme.running-away-balloon.finish-my-project-vs-distractions.jpeg" alt="meme: running away balloon: finish my project vs distractions" title="meme: running away balloon: finish my project vs distractions" />

the closer i get to my finish line, the harder becomes my work, and that with an exponential increase

i guess that is why broad-tops (fire and air) like me (fire) need long-tops (earth and water):
broad-tops easily start new work (find new distractions) and long-tops easily "get shit done",
assuming the long-top has experience with this job


i am in the process of making english the default language

i started this project in german, since german is my native language, and i wanted to publish my work offline to the people in my region, to realize and test my concept ... this approach has failed, since

  • most "interesting subjects" (children) are ridiculously overprotected by their parents, teachers and police
  • most people in my region have a ridiculous trust in their government, so they are zero prepared for the coming collapse

plan B: publish my work to online communities (doomsday preppers, personality psychology, ...) where my work can at least be preserved for future generations, and where my work can be reviewed (at least superficially) by other psychology scholars

the alchi-book package is the current focus of my work. the english and german versions are about 80% ready. i have already added auto-translations for: chinese, spanish, russian, turkish, farsi, arabic, czech, hungarian. adding a new auto-translation with translate.js can now be done in five minutes or less.


in the rare case that this project ( is censored by github (owned by microsoft ...), here are some mirror locations

only some mirrors allow users to send feedback, for example or galaxy*.onion

repo mirrors

the repository is mirrored to

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git clone

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torsocks git clone http://rootgit4rghbuenb.onion/milahu/alchi.git

static mirrors


dont worry, its very empty there ... blame milahu, who is just too damn lazy to push his project


if you really want to reach me, better send your request to multiple sites


In case of milahu's absence ... milahu cannot help you, and you are on your own

milahu does have some enemies, who want him broken, in jail or dead ...

What milahu has published here is only a part of his hand-written diary,
but it should be enough information to realize and test his concept


In case milahu's concept is wrong:

Let him quote the alchi-book (src/alchi-book/src/pages/page-150.html):

Doubt: Just a theory / vision / daydream?

When our map is wrong:
The 16 types of people are real (4 bodies times 4 elements),
and when you put them all in one place
then they will find the natural order by themself (self-organisation).

Other worldviews are also "just a theory" and only because other experiments
have been running for a long time, they are not automatically better.
More competition please!

And, trying is better than studying:
We can compare a theory only after we have tried it.

When someone wants to attack a good theory
he will distract from the topic and argue with false reasons
(superficial, formal criticism, pseudo-problems).


some keywords (tags) for search engine optimization (SEO):

  • interpersonal compatibility, intertype compatibility, compatibility algorithm, candidate for a "general theory of interpersonal compatibility"
  • arranged friendship (talk by Dr. Vas Taras), prescriptive parenting, invasive parenting, directive parenting, authoritarian education, how should parents select friends for their kids
  • who are my friends
    • what is my circle of friends
    • what is my inner circle
  • who are my ideal parents
    • who are my ideal teachers
    • who are my ideal students
  • matchmaking, procuring, procuration, arranged marriage
  • dating platform algorithm
  • human combinatorics, human relations
  • stable match problem
    • stable matching problem
    • stable marriage problem
    • stable roommates problem
    • game theory
  • organization theory
  • social psychology
    • psycho sociology
  • socionics
    • social engineering
  • communication theory
    • systems theory
  • small state
    • utopia
    • paradise on earth
  • non-calendar astrology
    • calendar astrology is wrong
    • personality type is NOT related to birthday
  • alternative to calendar astrology
  • what is natural order
  • primitive culture
    • minimalism
    • natural religion
  • hard problem
    • wicked problem
    • fundamental problem
    • meta problem
    • mother of all problems
    • root of all evil
  • master morality
    • seek balance
    • not afraid of radical solutions
    • not afraid of unpopular solutions
    • public domain is saturated with slave morality
      • slave morality?
        • stupid and proud
        • life is a popularity contest
          • seek many friends, dont care about quality
          • fail at quality and compensate with quantity
        • do everything wrong, and still get paid (insurance, welfare state)
        • soft skills over hard skills
        • idealize type 2 + demonize type 1
          • good versus evil
          • god versus devil
  • good violence
    • liberating hostages
    • removing children from incompatible parents
      • open adoption: biological parents stay in touch with "their" children, but are not the primary caregivers
  • adoption
    • normalize adoption to solve the devil child problem
    • some kids are lucky, their parents are compatible, then a "small family" works
    • other kids have bad luck, their parents are incompatible, then a "small family" fails, and an "extended family" fixes the problem. extended family as in: children and parents choose each other. children have "voting" rights from day one. "voting" is not political. fundamentally, "voting" is about choosing your friends, choosing your relations to other people, instead of passively tolerating a status quo, no matter how bad it is. (false conservatism: holding on to something wrong)
  • typical errors
    • some people are vulnerable to "false positive" errors
    • other people are vulnerable to "false negative" errors
    • false negative:
    • false positive:
      • false friends
      • first impression says "he is a friend" (perceived positive)
      • after review we find "he is an enemy" (actually negative)
      • when left alone, the individual will stick to his first impression, and keep his false friends
      • good at selecting enemies = low error rate
        • choosy / selective / strong opinions on "what should we avoid?" and "what should not be?"
      • bad at selecting friends = high error rate
        • dogmatic definitions of friends
        • others select friends
      • assumption: type 1 is not here. possible expansions:
        • type 2 and type 4? = old brains
        • type 2 and type 3? = girl brains
        • type 4 and type 3? = father-brain and daughter-brain
  • natural incompatibility
    • devil child
    • problem child
    • black sheep of the family
  • fundamental injustice
    • systemic injustice
    • systemic bias
      • systemic bias towards extraverts
      • systemic bias against extraverts
        • Susan Cain: QUIET. The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking
          • Summary of “Quiet, The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking”: This book praises the many qualities of the introverted in a society that favours extroversion to excess; there is an overview of current theories on introversion, many tips on how to be happier as an introvert and some ideas on how to find a harmonious balance between introverted and extroverted.
          • define version! what exactly is introversion/extraversion? carl jung says: version is a subtype, so it's variable (same as modality in astrology). (opposed to jungian functions, which are constant = basetype)
    • systemic racism (define race!)
  • physiognomy
    • anthropometry
    • body types
    • stigmata
  • anthropology
    • science of humans
  • sacred geometry
    • natural patterns
  • wholistic world view
    • analysis and synthesis
    • hybrid theory
    • both are right
    • balance
    • justice
    • symmetry
  • a perfect synthesis
  • alchemy
    • humorology
    • four classical elements
    • conjunctio oppositorum (connection of opposites)
  • numerology
    • trinity = three modalities = three subtypes
    • quaternio = four elements = four basetypes
  • comparative cultural studies
    • meta politics
    • cultural theory
  • simple but effective
    • realistic reductionism
    • primitive culture
  • intuitive factor analysis
    • the project author is element fire, who dreams to be a benevolent dictator
  • border science
    • borderline science
    • between all the worlds
    • wholistic
    • interdisciplinary
  • claim of perfection
    • totalitarian approach
    • a theory for every body
  • search for the one universal truth
    • monotheism
    • monism
  • search for balance
    • dualism
    • polytheism
    • agree to disagree
      • einigkeit in feindschaft (german)
      • unity in hostility
  • natural Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • small is beautiful

more keywords

taken from src/alchi-book/src/pages/page-005-my-last-words.html

  • community building
  • community organization
  • group organization
  • offline community
  • communism (not socialism!)
  • organized resistance
  • self organization
  • primitive culture
  • minimalism
  • psychology and sociology
  • humans and their relations
  • relationship advice
  • matchmaking
  • mating ritual
  • courtship ritual
  • spiritual mating
  • interpersonal compatibility
  • who are my friends
  • whoaremyfriends
  • where are my friends
  • natural order
  • natural attraction
  • natural sharing of work
  • natural division of labor
  • mutual completion
  • group dynamics
  • group movement
  • group dance
  • group game
  • parlor game
  • choreography
  • dualism
  • justice
  • balance
  • small states
  • cultural mosaic
  • natural education
  • school of life
  • post collapse
  • family versus friends
  • bottom-up organization
  • small is beautiful
  • paradise on earth
  • permaculture
  • human resources management
  • world formula
  • basic principles
  • post collapse culture
  • post-collapse culture
  • village culture
  • postmodern culture
  • what would noah do?
    • noah's family of eight
    • noah eight family members
    • 8 parents = 4 elements x 2 genders
    • eight parents and eight children are sixteen people
  • individualism
    • subjectivism
    • moral relativism (wikipedia: Moral relativism)
      • "descriptive moral relativism holds only that people do, in fact, disagree fundamentally about what is moral, with no judgment being expressed on the desirability of this."
      • "Meta-ethical moral relativism holds that in such disagreements, nobody is objectively right or wrong."
      • "Normative moral relativism holds that because nobody is right or wrong, everyone ought to tolerate the behavior of others even when considerably large disagreements about the morality of particular things exist. "