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Script included is bitcoin-balance-checker, modified to fix inconsistent indentation and comment out lines throwing errors on Python 3. Licensed under GPLv3

First compile vanitygen++:

git clone https://github.com/10gic/vanitygen-plusplus
cd vanitygen-plusplus

Then generate some addresses:

./vanitygen++ 1Pattern -z -k -o /tmp/addresses.csv

Alternatively, to check more than one pattern at a time:

./vanitygen++ -z -k -o /tmp/addresses.csv -f /path/to/patterns.txt

Hit Control+C when you think you've got enough.

Then cd into this directory and generate a list of all the public keys:

awk -F "\"*,\"*" '{print $3}' /tmp/addresses.csv > ./list-addresses.txt

Then run the address checking script:

python3 bitcoin-balance-checker.py

Check to see if there were any hits:

cat addresses-with-balance-yay.txt

If the address is in this repo, I've already confirmed it has a balance of 0 BTC.