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Our official statement regarding these leaks..

Why we leaked ?

We decided to leak all the codes that were already with many users were actually using it, in order to get them patched all code are actual working codes.

Did you knew leaking may cause legal trouble

No i was not aware of it , i got few mails from Motion Picture Association and anti-piracy partner ACE we had a direct talk on IIRC they are pissed off and have ordered us to remove this or ready for legal troubles.

Will Leak Continue ?

Yes anything that is being shared in p2p circles will be made public.

Why leak CDM (Content Decryption Module).

That is the base of all tools Streaming Platform Encrypt the files and stream and CDM decrypt and use gets the playback

A last message

Streaming sites patch your apps & sites with help of these leaks ,i will continue to leak ..