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doc: Explain squashing with merge commits

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@ -216,9 +216,9 @@ Please update the resulting commit message, if needed. It should read as a
coherent message. In most cases, this means not just listing the interim
If you have problems with squashing or other git workflows, you can enable
"Allow edits from maintainers" in the right-hand sidebar of the GitHub web
interface and ask for help in the pull request.
If your change contains a merge commit, the above workflow may not work and you
will need to remove the merge commit first. See the next section for details on
how to rebase.
Please refrain from creating several pull requests for the same change.
Use the pull request that is already open (or was created earlier) to amend
@ -231,7 +231,9 @@ pull request to pull request.
### Rebasing Changes
When a pull request conflicts with the target branch, you may be asked to rebase it on top of the current target branch.
The `git rebase` command will take care of rebuilding your commits on top of the new base.
git fetch # Fetch the latest upstream commit
git rebase FETCH_HEAD # Rebuild commits on top of the new base
This project aims to have a clean git history, where code changes are only made in non-merge commits. This simplifies
auditability because merge commits can be assumed to not contain arbitrary code changes. Merge commits should be signed,