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Merge bitcoin/bitcoin#25414: doc: Update Arch Linux build example

f67b6fce37 Update Arch Linux build example (Igor Bubelov)

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  The current build example has two issues:

  1. The claim that the wallet functionality will be missing is obsolete since Bitcoin Core can use SQLite, which is a hard dependency of `pacman` so we can assume that it's always present.
  2. Installing package groups such as `base-devel` adds some friction and uncertainty by forcing readers to choose which packages they need, interactively. Listing required deps explicitly speeds up the whole process, makes it more transparent and cuts the number of installed packages.

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@ -277,22 +277,17 @@ A list of additional configure flags can be displayed with:
Setup and Build Example: Arch Linux
This example lists the steps necessary to setup and build a command line only, non-wallet distribution of the latest changes on Arch Linux:
This example lists the steps necessary to setup and build a command line only distribution of the latest changes on Arch Linux:
pacman -S git base-devel boost libevent python
pacman --sync --needed autoconf automake boost gcc git libevent libtool make pkgconf python sqlite
git clone
cd bitcoin/
./configure --disable-wallet --without-gui --without-miniupnpc
make check
Enabling wallet support requires either compiling against a Berkeley DB newer than 4.8 (package `db`) using `--with-incompatible-bdb`,
or building and depending on a local version of Berkeley DB 4.8. The readily available Arch Linux packages are currently built using
`--with-incompatible-bdb` according to the [PKGBUILD](
As mentioned above, when maintaining portability of the wallet between the standard Bitcoin Core distributions and independently built
node software is desired, Berkeley DB 4.8 must be used.
If you intend to work with legacy Berkeley DB wallets, see [Berkeley DB](#berkeley-db) section.
ARM Cross-compilation