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There are many ways to self-host the WolfreeAlpha web server. You can use Docker, run Bash Script, or take any other approach you prefer.

Using Docker

  1. Download and install Docker:

  2. Run the following command to set up WolfreeAlpha and Onion Service:

    docker build --tag wolfree . && docker run wolfree
  3. Docker will generate a URL ending in onion:

    You can open your Tor browser and go to:
    [notice] Bootstrapped 100% (done): Done
  4. Use the Tor browser to verify that the Onion Service is functioning:

Running Bash Script

  1. Run the following command to set up WolfreeAlpha:

  2. Run the following command to create an HTTP server:

    py -m http.server 80 -d
  3. Open your browser and go to:


This article provides an introduction to the terminal:

Linux distributions have a terminal available by default; this guide lists some recommended distributions:

This article explains how to set up a simple local testing server on your machine: