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Darktea Rules & Guidelines

Darktea can be used fully anonymous via the Tor network. However, we defined still some hard rules and some guidelines.


  1. Respect each other / be nice
  2. No "illegal" content, most importantly: no child porn and do not promote drugs or weapons of any kind. This is not the place.
  3. Promoting terrorism/bomb-making or trying to hire an assassin are strictly forbidden on Darktea.
  4. Do not spam, advertise or self-promote

If you don't follow the rules, your content will be removed and in most severe cases your account will be perma banned. See also the guidelines below.


  1. Try to limit the git repository sizes. Eg. Do not upload gigabytes of content.
  2. Try not to duplicate existing content which is already present on Darktea, search if someone already hosted a (mirror) git archive on Darktea. Especially large archives like the Bitcoin Core, see guideline 1. again.
  3. Try to give your git repository a good matching Name and fill-in the description and add some relevant Topics to your repo.
  4. Try to be anonymous, to protect your own idenity and safety. Do not use your real name nor your email address you also use personally.

By not following the guidelines you will not be banned. However, a warning will be given. And your content will most likely be removed.